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How to watch Hulu and US Netflix outside of US


Update: Since writing this, Media Hint changed from free to paid service. I’m currently looking at other services and will update this post when I find a new alternative.


Being a non-US citizen and a media consumer can sometimes be a little bit frustrating as many of the services are US-only. While I don't watch TV, I do enjoy following certain TV shows. Two of the best online services to watch TV shows and movies are Hulu and Netflix.

The problem: Hulu's only available for US citizens, and the Finnish version of Netflix is not even remotely up to par with the US version.

Enter Media Hint plug-in.

Watch Hulu.com

Just install the Media Hint browser plug-in (for Chrome or Firefox) and head over to Hulu.com. You need to create an account but this will give you access to all the free Hulu content. Just add all the shows you want to watch as favorites and they'll appear in your Queue for watching.

Sadly, if you wish to gain more access with Hulu+, you'll need an US credit card. Thankfully the free content is more than enough for me.

Watch US Netflix

Again, you need to have the Media Hint plug-in installed for your browser. You'll also need an Netflix account. As I'm subscribing to the Finnish Netflix, I already have an account. With the Media Hint plug-in installed, just point your browser to Netflix and you'll have the US content available to watch.

One thing to keep in mind is that this only works on your browser. So for example, if you use Apple TV to watch Netflix, it still shows you the non-US content. Also, for this same reason, Netflix won't sync watched items between your browser and other devices.