Hi, my name is Isko Salminen.
I'm an adventure seeker and I love exploring nature with my camera and Australian Shepherd called Fire

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When cows attack

While hiking around the Garmisch area, by far the coolest animals we met were these cows. They were roaming around the fields on a public road so I decided to take my tele-lens and get some photos – from a distance. But as soon as they saw me, they charged at me like a herd of zombies and had me surrounded pretty quickly. 

While I've met cows and other farm animals while growing up, I still find them really fascinating–and sometimes a bit scary–to be really close to. Luckily these girls were more interested in our company than our flesh or brains. After getting to know each other a little bit, and some one sided licking, we and these gentle monsters parted our ways.