Hi, my name is Isko Salminen.
I'm an adventure seeker and I love exploring nature with my camera and Australian Shepherd called Fire

Day 101: The monotony of Northern California

Date: August 8, 2017
Miles: 25.2 miles (40.6km), from Fitzhugh Gulch to mile 1,495.8
Health: Tired but happy

We wake up late again but don’t mind it since we only have 25 miles (40,2km) to do today. It didn’t rain last night which was a bit of a surprise. As we’re still struggling to get up Buu bids us goodbye as he wants to get to town today.

All our gear is little damp from sleeping so close to the stream and from the moist air down here. We take down our camp, fill our water bottles from the stream, and start walking.

The trail follows along the mountainside all morning, keeping us nicely in the shade. These cooler last few days have been to my liking as it makes hiking easier.

You’re supposed to camp at least 200 feet (60m) from the trail but sometimes it’s not possible.

Not much happens and the trail is pretty uneventful. We seem to be getting lower in elevation constantly as we’re approaching Oregon – which is supposed to be the “flattest” state.

We cross a small wooden bridge and find a nice lunch spot next to the river below. I feel like the monotony and miles are getting on me. After lunch, we climb back up on the trail. Soon we hear thunder and the storm clouds appear again. We don’t get rained on but we hear thunder all day.

Where we had lunch.

After some time we stop to get more water and I have to cut holes in my shoes as my pinky toe doesn’t fit inside anymore. Not only have I outgrown another size – I’ve gone from size 9 to 10 – but there’s no more cushioning left on my shoes. I can feel every stone and stick through the soles as I walk and my feet are taking quite a beating every day. Hopefully, I can find new shoes from Shasta.

On-trail water sources are always nice.

We climb a little in elevation, just enough to get cell reception, and I get a message from Fireant and Roller saying we should catch up to them soon. We also hear about new fires in Oregon and that the trail has been closed at a couple of spots. These closures are still some ways ahead so things might change.

Late in the evening we get to the top of our last climb for today and start a long descent down towards the highway. I get cell reception again and decide to download Queens Greatest Hits album from iTunes. Few of their songs have been stuck in my head all day and I need something fresh to listen to as I’ve gone through my entire playlist at least a hundred times already.

New music, downhill, and getting to town tomorrow gets my mood up and I start speeding downhill while singing out loud. I soon catch up to Sam and we stop 3 miles short from the highway.

We find a camp spot in the dark and set up shop. My mood is a lot better than it was in the morning. Tomorrow we’ll get to town early, get breakfast, new shoes, do a quick resupply, and then get back on the trail chasing Dandelion, Fireant, Roller, and Roadrunner. Can’t wait to see them soon!