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Asana Mac application

Few weeks ago we started using Asana as our project and task manager at work. I loved it so much that after just one week, I moved all my personal to-do's from OmniFocus to Asana's personal workspace.

So far I've only found one real drawback to Asana, and it's the lack of a proper Mac client. Their iPhone app is really well build so it's odd they don't have one for desktop use. I can't be the only one who doesn't want to use their task manager through a web browser?

Luckily there's a way to fake it on a Mac. Here's how.

1. Download and install the Fluid app

Fluid is an applications that let's you create Mac apps out of any website or web application. In this case, from Asana.

Go to FluidApp.com and download the app. There's a free and paid version available. If you use Fluid for only this, the free version is more than enough (but if you can, please support the developer by opting for the paid version).

After you've downloaded the app and opened the .zip file, drag the Fluid application to your Applications folder on your Mac.

Fluid installed in Applications folder

Fluid installed in Applications folder

2. Creating an Asana app with Fluid

Next we need to create the application. Double click the Fluid icon to open the app and add these details: 

URL: https://app.asana.com/
Name: Asana
Location: Applications (leave as is)
Icon: Use any icon you wish. This is my favorite

The icon

To get a proper icon for the app, you can use any icon or image you wish. You can use any icon you want, like this Asana icon

Right-click on the icon and select "Save Image As...". Save the image somewhere on you computer and select it on the Icon: part of settings. After you've pressed Create, you can delete the icon file from your computer.

And we're done!

After you've pressed Create, it takes few seconds for Fluid to create the app. You can now quit the Fluid app and open the new Asana app from your Applications folder. You can also drag the Asana icon to your dock to have it always available.

Note that you don't need to have Fluid app running in the background to use the Asana app.