Hi, my name is Isko Salminen.
I'm an adventure seeker and I love exploring nature with my camera and Australian Shepherd called Fire

The Christmas tree hunt

For the past two years we've had a tradition of cutting down our own Christmas tree. This year we decided to get the tree a week before the Christmas Eve so that we could enjoy it a little bit longer.

We spend a good three hours hunting for the perfect tree that we both were happy with. I prefer a more symmetrical, balanced tree, whereas my girlfriend prefers a more thicker and furrier tree. So, of course, we got the thicker and furrier one :)

As we both really love Christmas, searching for the tree we both liked was really fun. We spend hours in the forrest just walking and looking at different kinds of trees, taking photos of them for a reference and memorising tree locations.

Fire was also having a blast. He got to run around free in the forrest and just enjoying being a dog. 

After some back-and-forth we found the perfect tree and cut it down, drank some hot chocolate and as the darkness fell on us, carried the tree back to our car. Can't wait to have our presents under this tree!

Merry Christmas everyone!